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J-17 Well 674.0 msl (+0.0)
Guadalupe @ Spring Branch N/A
Canyon Reservoir N/A
Guadalupe @ Sattler N/A
Comal Springs N/A
San Marcos Springs N/A
Guadalupe @ Gonzales N/A
Guadalupe @ Cuero N/A
Guadalupe @ Victoria N/A
Coleto Reservoir N/A
Guadalupe @ Tivoli N/A
(+/-0.00) - indicates change in 24 hours.
Sources of Flow at Victoria
Canyon Release 11.81%
Comal Springs 51.86%
San Marcos Springs 29.39%
Natural Base Flow 6.94%
Percentages reflect sources. Losses and diversions not included.
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Preservation Matters

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust was founded in 2001 to conserve land in the Guadalupe River Watershed.

Canyon Lake Gorge

Within days following the Flood of 2002, the floodwaters carved a gorge into the landscape below the Canyon Lake Spillway.

Geronimo Creek Watershed Partnership

The Geronimo and Alligator Creeks Watershed Partnership (Partnership) is a collaboration between local citizens, cities, counties, and state and federal agencies.

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